Refurbished Manual Watches

Flat cases, clean lines, and accuracy – these are the characteristics that set manual NOMOS watches apart. They can run for 40 hours before running out of energy. The manual version of the Tangente is a classic model and the manufacturer's most iconic timepiece. The versatile Orion, available in a range of sizes and color schemes, and the urban-feeling Metro, which comes with or without a power reserve display, complete the collection.

Refurbished Automatic Watches

Automatic watches from NOMOS Glashütte run and run and run. In fact, they wind themselves using the motion of the wearer's arm. The sporty Ahoi can dive down to 200 meters (656 feet) thanks to its screw-down crown and case back. The Zürich World Time contains 24 time zones in one watch, making it a true citizen of the world.

The Manufacturer

NOMOS Glashütte is one of the world's few independently run manufacturers. It also happens to call Germany's traditional watchmaking Mecca its home: Glashütte. The company boasts up to 95% vertical integration. That means almost every component is produced on site, from the gears to the escapement. NOMOS Glashütte had their breakthrough in 2014, with the release of their in-house escapement, the NOMOS swing system. This technical sensation marked NOMOS Glashütte's independence from suppliers and the start of a new era. The manufacturer is always working on the next innovation and is the largest manufacturer of mechanical watches in Germany today.

From Glashütte to the Rest of the World

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Handmade in Glashütte, designed in Berlin. Every NOMOS Glashütte watch is also a proper Berliner: desirable, uncomplicated, and playful. A team of creative minds works day in, day out to deliver perfect designs. NOMOS Glashütte crafts their timepieces according to the standards of the German Work Federation (Deutscher Werkbund), while also focusing on clarity and what is most essential.

Iconic Watches

After 25 years, the Tangente remains the top NOMOS watch. It now enjoys status as a true classic with an iconic design. Other early NOMOS collections include the Orion, the Ludwig, and the square-shaped Tetra. They are all still in production today, highly coveted, and available in numerous sizes and colors, each with a manual or an automatic movement. Today, the manufacturer produces watches in 13 different series.


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