Men's Timepieces

These watches embody the lifestyle of Monaco: elegance, highest quality, and exceptional beauty. Each timepiece is a prime example of high-end watchmaking. The Geneva Seal and complications such as the tourbillon or the flyback chronograph are impressive testaments to that fact.

Ladies’ Timepieces

The ladies’ collections by Ateliers deMonaco are wristwatches and jewelry in one. The round case of the classic, elegant Ronde de Monte-Carlo Femme gives the watch a harmonious design. The use of precious materials such as rose gold, some 600 diamonds adorning the case, and mother-of-pearl dials transform this watch into a true work of art. In some cases, the hand-finishing process can take over 100 hours per watch.

A young prodigy in the world of Swiss watches

Ateliers deMonaco was founded in 2008 by Pim Koeslag, Peter Stas, and Robert van Pappelendam. The young manufacturer and their watches embody the spirit and style of the sovereign principality on the French Riviera. Each model is carefully polished, brushed, and engraved by hand. The finished watch is more than just a timepiece – it is a masterpiece. Ateliers deMonaco is the fifth brand bearing the demanding Geneva seal – a standard of excellence stemming from the tradition of haute horlogerie awarded to high-end Geneva-based watch brands. Patented technologies such as the exceptionally precise "eXtreme Precision 1 minute" tourbillon are extraordinary and also unrivaled in the industry.


As the company motto "Noblesse Oblige" suggests, timepieces from Ateliers deMonaco are of exceptional quality, possess an extraordinary level of precision and consist of the finest materials. The manufacturer blends traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology, pairing classic, elegant designs with the most modern in-house movements.

Craftsmanship and innovation

Traditional craftsmanship plays a large role at Ateliers deMonaco. From the first sketches to the finished timepiece, the company’s range of manufacturing runs deep. Independently developed movements, carefully hand-crafted parts, elaborate engravings, and skeletonized dials all belong to their repertoire. The extremely precise, patented tourbillon caliber bridges the gap between traditional craftsmanship and the technology of tomorrow. The hand finishing is "an added ingredient from the soul" which lends uniqueness and the spirit of Ateliers deMonaco’s signature to each creation.

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The Founders

Pim Koeslag

Pim Koeslag is a master watchmaker and well versed in mechanical watches and their complications. Now CEO of Ateliers deMonaco, he began his career at Frédérique Constant.

Peter Stas is the strategist among the founders. The entrepreneur and businessman is the managing director at Frédérique Constant and has many years of management experience to look back on.

Robert van Pappelendam is the point man for marketing. A lawyer by trade, he has gathered many years of experience working with large international companies.


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